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Women's Moto Vests

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    When you're out on the open road, your comfort is a top priority for riding safely and peacefully. Biker jackets are a great form of protection, but layering and staying cool are harder to do. Vests are a versatile alternative to your leather biker jacket.

    Each of our materials has unique perks. We make our vests from three different fabrics:

    • Leather: Our popular leather vest options meet the classic biker aesthetic while giving you comfort and mobility. Leather vests usually come in black, with an interior lining, inner and outer pockets, and side lacing.
    • Denim: Denim vests have sturdy snap closures and flexible side cording. Denim is a comfortable, inexpensive material perfect for all seasons.
    • Textile: Textile vests are lightweight to keep you cool in the heat. There is plenty of room to add your patches and represent your favorite biker clubs or organizations.
    48 products
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